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Esoteric ramblings from the Ringleader

May 16, 2017
Esoteric ramblings from the Ringleader
I am looking to take on a vocabulary change. I have grown tired of the word “partnering” being thrown around today. I prefer the word “cooperation”.
Partnering feels like a box you check when filling out a grant application. Partnering is so 1980’s. I am not at a swinger’s party tossing my keys in a bowl. I ...

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March - From HAP Ringleader Willie!

April 14, 2017
I had the awesome experience of participating in my first paid speaking gig as Ringleader of Human Access Project. Well, no cash necessarily, but Friends of Chicago River bought my airfare and a hotel room to speak at their 2017 Chicago River Summit.  Two HAP Board members and close friends Tommy “T- Bone” Vandel and Jonny “Motown” Ostrander, picked up their own tab and came along to ...

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