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Willamette River Awakened

February 18, 2017
Portland is entering a new age in how it relates to the Willamette River. It is an awakening, the forming of a relationship that is sacred and personal.
Once upon a time when Portland was first settled, the Willamette River was viewed as a jewel, an asset, a natural treasure. There were swimming houses, swimming clubs and active bathing in our city’s river.
As Portland’s ...

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HAPpy People: Meet Jim McGinn

February 18, 2017
Meet River Hugger, Jim McGinn, interviewed by Christina Malango.
Jim McGinn, Charter River Hugger Member, Dad, Outdoors Dude, Dancer, overall bad ass.

You started long-distance ocean swimming in California in the 1980s in cold, rough conditions. What drove you to do that? 
When I first moved to Redondo Beach in the early 80’s I met Ron Argueta who was sort of the quintessential CA ocean ...

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Urban Swimways: Hot Boxing

January 19, 2017
Hot Boxing
By Garrett Martin
Baby, it’s cold outside. Holy cow, it’s downright freezing! What urban Portland swimmer in their right mind would consider jumping into one of our waterways right now?
Okay, okay, who said any of us were in our right minds to begin with? And yes, I admit last month I praised the seal-skinned crazies who make up San Francisco’s bay swimming community. And yes, ...

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HAPpy People: Meet Stephanie Debner

January 19, 2017
Meet River Hugger, Stephanie Debner, interviewed by Christina Malango.
How did you discover the River Huggers and why do you love swimming with them?
I was introduced to the River Huggers by fellow River Hugger, Hilary. We swim at the same pool and she knew that I'd been swimming the Columbia channel crossing for a number of years, so she thought I'd like being a River Hugger. She was right!
You ...

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Urban Swimways Aquatic Park San Francisco

December 7, 2016
Why just look at the view when you can jump right into it? Such words are gospel for the open water swimmers of San Francisco Bay. Despite the chilly water temperature—which hovers in the mid-50s year-round—swimmers of the city-by-the-bay can consider themselves blessed to have Aquatic Park at their fingertips.
Take Van Ness Avenue all the way to its northern terminus and you'll find yourself at the ...

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