Naked Goddess Guide to Swimming the Universe

April 14, 2017
Naked Goddess Guide to Swimming the Universe
by the High Priestess
With the March equinox comes a rare balance between dark and light, day and night, forbidden and indulgent. As spring arrives new beginnings are illuminated, if not fabricated, and we bid farewell to the past.
Not only is March the month of beginning (Aries) and ending (Pisces) on our cosmic calendar, but our Goddess Venus is also going retrograde! ...

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Recent Entries


March 19, 2018

by Abigail Rogson


Rippling slowly, 

moving through the forset.

I wonder what it's like to be water,

in a stream, moving through a forest.

It was at that moment

I realized

There is peace and good in all of us.

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March 19, 2018
Between the two glorious full moons in March, is a new moon. This gives us the time to go within, and emerge with optimism, shine bright as we plant seeds, and emerge out of the darkness of winter, and into the beautiful light of spring. 
For Goddesses this is a very creative time, full of inspired action that makes dreams come true!  Take that lunar energy and set intentions for the summer, and definitely ...

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HAPpy People - Gretchen Jackson

March 19, 2018
Gretchen Jackson
Q. Usually, winter is a down time for open water swimmers, but not for you. What exciting swim-related things do you have coming up?
Ha! All of the open water swimmers I know are continuing to challenge me to get in the Willamette each week! I must be hanging out with the wrong bunch. Ha. Ha. :)
This year I really jumped into my first real season of consistent pool swim training. I've ...

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One City/Many Futures: The Portland We Are Making

March 19, 2018
March 26: Greening Portland
Architecture, city planning and community/environmental activists come together to define a sustainable vision for the future of Portland. How many bioswales and bike lanes are enough? What about widening I-5, or increasing mass transit? How many highrises, parking spaces, and how high is high? There's talk about equity, but is anyone creating it, and how are they doing it?
The ...

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February 11, 2018
by Aidan Pratt
I see the tourists, taking a pictures,
Always coming ever closer,
Seeing my current go ever quicker,
They come near seeking closure,
Sometimes there’s boats, exploring the water,
Sometimes there's divers, diving deep,  
Sometimes on the edge, I can see walkers,     
Peaceful I can be, beware however the drop off may be steep.
All of my Positives, and all of danger, 
All ...

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