Naked Goddess Guide to Swimming the Universe

April 14, 2017
Naked Goddess Guide to Swimming the Universe
by the High Priestess
With the March equinox comes a rare balance between dark and light, day and night, forbidden and indulgent. As spring arrives new beginnings are illuminated, if not fabricated, and we bid farewell to the past.
Not only is March the month of beginning (Aries) and ending (Pisces) on our cosmic calendar, but our Goddess Venus is also going retrograde! ...   read more

Recent Entries

Moody, Magical March Moon

March 24, 2019
'Tis the time for manifesting magic, and karmic rebalancing. Water is waking, and on the move, welcoming a flood of emotions, that will toy with your equilibrium, if you allow it. Seize the opportunity to evaluate the thaw, and consider what you want to keep, and let go. While the lunar veil between worlds is thin, be selective, like a sieve.
Use the dark feminine energy that pivots during the spring equinox to surrender ...   read more

Portland's 2nd Beach, Audrey McCall Beach {Part 1 of 3}

March 24, 2019
By Ringleader, Willie Levenson
The Big Float’s first year was 2011. Around 1,000 people participated. It was a crazy lift and learning curve to get it together. 
To put on The Big Float we had to find sponsors, pull permits, plan the event, line up bands and vendors, create a website, and hope folks came. It was thrilling to pull it off and experience validation that we were on to something. ...   read more

Swimming around the world - Puerto Rico

March 20, 2019
By Bridget Bayer
My husband and I have always wanted to cross an ocean. I was raised on a connecting lake to the Great Lakes in Michigan, and he started building boats as a teenager so we’re both addicted to being on the water.
A couple years ago, we signed up with a few friends for a repositioning cruise* across the Atlantic Ocean to Puerto Rico. We made it across the ocean and arrived in PR about a month ...   read more

HAPpy People - Dametris Harrison

March 20, 2019
By Christina Malango
How long have you been a board member for Human Access Project?
I’ve been a friend of the Willie, and his wife since they opened their first Popina store on 42nd, but have been a member of the Human Access Project board for
about 3 years now.
What does being a HAP board member involve?
There are many roles involved with being a board member. Collectively, ...   read more

HAPpy People, Margot McKirdy

February 7, 2019
Meet swimmer Margo McKirdy,
who often thinks she is in a cosmic washing machine.

Have you always been a swimmer?  How did you find out about the River Huggers?  
I learned to swim at an early age and was lucky enough to live on property in Grass Valley, California with both a small in-ground swimming pool and a 5-acre pond/lake. I was unaware of the entire world/sport/religion of ...   read more